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Welcome to my page of current available publications, as well as a preview of books that are in progress.

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Who is The Fat Man and why the name?

Ryno Dekker, a South African author and photographer is "The Fat Man" and this brand is based around books and publications that is written by him while travelling. The Fat Man's Passport originated a travel blog that gained success in the industry, however Ryno moved away from blogging in favor of writing more substantial books. The reason for the name is rather self explanatory, he loves good food and that has it's side effects...

Ryno is a graphic designer and photographer by training and his love for words have a long standing reach beyond his love for visual communication. His words are raw and uncensored, preferring to have a conversation with his readers and taking them on a journey. Yes, there are spelling errors and grammatical mistakes, but he owns them as his own and sees them as a part of the reality of his books.

Latest Release

Morocco Photobook Cover

ISBN: 9781520982069


A digital road-trip of a two week, 2000+ kilometer drive around the North West African country of Morocco. Each section is clearly marked for the city covered and includes both information snippets from public sources, as well as having anecdotes from the author on his experiences. With over 200 photos, this book will deep-dive you into one of the most mysterious and alluring countries in Africa. This photobook intends to be a journey, educational experience and inspiration to travel.

Current Publications

Ten Little ThingsTen Little Things

Although this book was not published under "The Fat Man's Passport" brand, this was written and published by Ryno Dekker. This book is about life lessons learned in a strange new country. This book is only available on Amazon in eBook and printed versions.

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